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The No.1 Most Common Mistake Most Practice Owners Make (Page 4)

The only way to grow a practice is to rely on WOM and physician referrals. And a lot of practice owners took this advice to heart…


The Exact Strategy To Reach A Wider Audience Of People Even They Are Not Actively Searching For Physical Therapy (Page 14)

It allows you to take complete strangers who are highly skeptical about PT and have them come to your clinic and thank you for saving their life.


How To Properly Leverage The No.1 Profitable Traffic Channel That No One Talks About (Page 6)

Statistics show that every $1 that goes into this channel generates over $44 on average. Hint: it’s not Facebook or Google…


What You Should Never Do When Enrolling People Into Your Plan Of Care (Page 16)

It all comes down to a distinct process… You see, just like in a relationship there are a series of steps that you must take a prospect through in order to get them to trust you.


The Vital Key To Grow Your Practice And Generate The Revenue You Deserve (Page 3)

Having the ability to generate a consistent flow of patients is one of the greatest feelings you can experience as a practice owner. With this kind of predictability….


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Chakman - Founder of Upgrowth

Founder of Upgrowth

At Upgrowth, we help Physical Therapy Practice Owners fill their schedule without relying on physician referrals.

So they can earn more income,

Buy their time back,

Provide world class patient care,

Reclaim ownership of their life and grow their practice the way they want.